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Adjustable standing desk from lowest height (28.7”) to tallest height (47”)
Product Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 28.7-47 in.
Steel base and legs with weight capacity of 264 lbs
Includes wireless charging area for QI compatible mobile devices
3 AC Outlets, 1 USB and 1 USB-C ports all built into the desk
3 Position Memory Settings
Child Lock
Pull-out drawer for storage

The Koble Danee is our beautifully designed, height adjustable smart desk great for the home or office. The dual motor promotes seamless height adjustable movement which allows you to smoothly transition from sitting to standing, breaking up long periods of sitting which has can be unhealthy. Establish your perfect height using the control panel and save up to 3 positions within the in-built memory settings.

All aspects of charging your devices have been taken into consideration, integrated wireless charging pad, 3 Built in AC outlets, 3-USB, and 1-USB-C charging points allows you to keep almost any device fully powered throughout the working day, and a storage drawer for your other office supplies

New KOBLE Danee 60" Adjustable Standing Desk, Oak

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