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Like New Already Assembled and Tested

Brand Tresanti 

Color White Gray

With Dry Erase Compatible Glass Top

 W x D x H 47.25 in. x 25.63 in. x 29.4 in.



Includes Two 2.4 amp USB Inputs

Height adjustable from 29.4” - 47”

Wireless Desktop Charging Station

Dry Erase Compatible Glass Top



If you’ve ever tried to work at the dining room table, you know that can be a real back-breaker. Practice a little self-care and create an ergonomic workspace with a standing desk that can be set to the perfect heights for you - both for sitting and standing. Your back and neck will be glad you did. And the sleek, versatile style of this desk works in any room of the house, so no matter which room serves as your home office, it will have a look you’ll love to be at home with


Many manual adjustable height desks have mechanisms that offer very limited and specific choices about where to set the height of your desk. This Adjustable Height Desk gives you the power to find the exact right height for you – whether you are sitting or standing. With smooth motorized function, you can set this desk to any height from 29.4” to 47” in increments of one-tenth of an inch.

47" Adjustable Height Desk, Wireless Desktop Charging Station

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